for joyful living


Kim Copeland is a compassionate, soulful, powerful, grounded yoga teacher who connects Biblical teachings to Yoga. Kim supports a community of seekers who are open to drawing closer to God.

  • Faith

    I believe in God – a magnificent and entirely incomprehensible Life Force that is in us, greater than us and for us.

  • Surrender

    I believe that the ultimate goal is to surrender to that Life Force.  This involves quieting the mind, releasing the reins of control and trusting the flow of life.

  • Service

    I believe that we are here to serve – each of us with unique gifts, purpose and callings that are revealed to us as we let go and surrender.

  • Power

    I practice power vinyasa yoga.  Each class is a practice in surrender, an opportunity to realize the power that is accessed in letting go.

  • Social Responsibility

    I practice yoga because it teaches principles such as – non-violence, truthfulness, non-stealing, restraint and non-coveting.

  • Equanimity

    I practice yoga because through it I find equanimity. Yoga helps me to be a more just person, contributing to the creation of a more just society.

“Become what you believe” – Jesus